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B.A.S.S. GmbH - Business Air Service Switzerland Information


We are pleased that you visit us. We hope that this page will be as informative and helpfull to you as possible. If you have any further questions, please e-mail us by using our "contact-us" pages or by sending an e-mail to info@businessair.org.


bulletWho can use our services

The B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland) services are exclusively and only available for aviation companies and air-crews such as
bulletAircraft operators, including
bulletFlying Crews (Pilots, Flight Engineers, Cabin Crew)
bulletGround Crews (Dispatch, Management, Sales, Operations)
bulletMaintenance operators, including
bulletTechnical Personel (Mechanics, Aviation specialists)
bulletAdministration (Co-ordinators, Managekemnt, Operations).
bulletIndividual air-crews, including
bulletFlying Crews (Pilots, Flight Engineers, Cabin Crew)
bulletGround Crews (Dispatch, Management, Sales, Operations)

B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland) offers special air-crew discounted rates on commercial airlines, hotels and car rentals. We are limited by contracts from the service-providers to effect reservations only to companies and individuals who are registered with us and, for certain features, deposited a crew-list with us. Please understand that we are unable to make any exception to this rule.

If you like to use our services and fit in one of the above mentioned categories, you can easy register on our internet-site. Just go to our "register your company" page by using the link at the bottom of this page. After having compleated your registration, please allow us a maximum of 14 days for your set-up procedure in our and the service-providers systems. We will inform you once the set-up procedure is compleat and you can start using our services. Please note that we or any service-provider has the right to refuse your registration in which case you will not be able to use our services.

Once you are registered with us you will only need to update your datas whenever you have a change. This is very important as we forward the crewlist all 14 days to the service-providers. As mentioned before, a crew-member needs to be on the crew-list and have appropriate identification (crew-batch) to be eligible for the air-crew-discounts.

The update procedure is also very easy. Just go to the B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland) homepage and select the "update" function. Enter your specific site and effect your changes.


bulletTypes of services we provide

B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland) provides air-crew discounted reservations for
bulletCommercial Airlines
We offer air-crew-discounted air-fares (ID-fares) on a variaty of commercial airlines. This means that your crews receive a discount in percents (ID50 = 50% discount) on the published fare. Most of the time the discount is calculated from the published business-class full-fare. The published full-fare has basically no restrictions which means the reservation can be cancelled, changed, rerouted and so on without paying a penalty. As an aircraft operator you know how quick everything can change and therefore the ID-fare-tickets are the right choice.
Please find a list of our preferred partners and their ID-status by using this link.
ID-fare ticketing has special registration conditions and is available for aviation companies only
(not available for individual crews).

B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland) also reserves/issues published-fare tickets and carrier-market discounted-fare tickets. Fares and restrictions are highly variable on those tickets and range from no restrictions to not refundable, high penatly-fee if cancelled and/or change of reservation restrictions.

To give you the biggest choice,
B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland) features on-line offers, schedules and reservations for published-fares and carrier-market-discounted-fares, airline schedules as well as ID-fare reservations.
When you make a commercial airline reservation with
B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland), we check flights / availabilities and display you an offer with the different fares and classes as requested.
The most important thing for the crew en-route is their hotel-booking in the best hotel possible. The most important thing for the accounting departement is to keep hotel-rates as low as possible. Additionally, there is the hassle for the dispatch to book hotels by the old tools: fax and telephone. At
B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland) we use the most modern electronic equippement with 100% real-time hotel information. We see immediately the hotels availability, their rates, their descriptions, their exact location and much more. We can immediately book and confirm nearly any hotel worldwide including special requests, frequent customer information and immediately confirm it to you including way description and confirmation number. By using our system, you do not only find and book the best available rates in the ideal hotel and have this cost-saving tool, you save much more on indirect costs; phone-calls, work-hours, manforce and so on. Additionally, B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland)  does not only have air-crew-discount agreements with a lot of hotel-chains, we also hold a huge number of special discounted contract-rates which we make available to our customers. The aviation companies who use our services are compleatly convinced that our system is the powerfull and easy tool for hotel reservations.
The additional, quick and easy tool from
B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland) to book very quick and easy the right car at the best available rate. As with hotels, there is a big selection and daily changing rates for rent-a-cars. Our state-of-the-art computerized reservation system finds immediately mainly all rent-a-car-companies available, their availabilities and their actual rates. This makes it easy to book the best car at the right price. Again, your saving is not only in the car rate, but mainly in the indirect costs such as phone-costs, work-force, time-saving and so on.


bulletSubscription types and prices

We try to be as individual as your needs are. Therefore we offer different kinds of subscriptions and rates.
To find an overview please chosse this link or use the link on the bottom of this page.


bulletOur background

Are you wondering from where we have our experience? Or why we know what the crews are looking for and what operators are looking for? Please take some time and let us present ourselfs. The idea of B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland) was created by crews who realized the needs and possibilities of their operation. Claude Neumeyer, Andreas Brügger, both pilots for an executive aviation operator, as well as other parties saw how hotel- and car reservations where effected using the "old tools" (phone, fax, and so on). We realized how much time got lost in the dispatch by booking hotels for the crews, especially in a city where a big happeneing is taking place and nearly all hotels are fully booked. As one of the pilots was involved in an air-ticket specialized travel-agency he saw the possibilities of computerized reservation systems. We also saw the needs and requirements for air-travel of crews and had the necessery contacts to commercial airlines for discounted tickets.
Another important point was the neutrality of an air-crew booking unit.
As a result of those facts,
B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland) was founded in May 2000. Computer reservation-systems where configured and further developped from us to get the target we are looking for. The service was basically working very simple; the customer sended us an e-mail or a fax with the details of his needs. We effect the reservations and confirmed it to the customer as quick as possible, most of the time in less than 2 hours.
This system is working perfectly. But in automn 2001 we had one more vision. It would be even easier, quicker and even cheaper for you if you could effect the reservations yourself over the internet. We therefore configured the computerized reservation-system in an user-friendly, easy to handle tool.
And this is what our internet-site is providing. A 24 hours-a-day on-line, accurate and real-time reservations-tool for hotels, rent-a-cars and commercial airlines with air-crew discounts, exclusivly for air-crews.


bulletOur vision for the future

After having compleated configuring our computer-reservation system we started to play with it. We linked into it from anywhere in the world using a laptop computer, connecting over land-lines as well as cell-phone-lines. After landing somewhere, we logged in and reserved us the hotel in the city where we where. And it worked perfectly! So now any operation worldwide can effect their reservations thru B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland) and benefit from air-crew-discounted hotel- and rent-a-car rates which you can book yourself and have immediately confirmed.
We still work on the extension and further developpement of this project.
If you like to be informed about the present status of the developpement, just send a blank e-mail to newsletter@businessair.org. You will find helpfull information about
B.A.S.S. (Business Air Service Switzerland) in this newsletter.



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